Omnia Plant Visit - Green Terrace
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Omnia Plant Visit

On Tuesday 17th of July, Green Terrace in company with other famers had the honour of being hosted by one of our stakeholders, Omnia Fertiliser at their Sasolburg plant in the Free State. It was a richly informative session, having learnt first hand how the organisation was established and understanding their key success factors that have led Omnia to become a global giant in its industry.

Omnia’s Agriculture division comprises of Omnia Fertiliser and Omnia Specialities and is the market leader in Southern Africa. Below are just some of the interesting facts and insights about this leading company:

  • Omnia founded – 1953
  • First granular fertilizer plant established in Sasolburg – 1967
  • First ever liquid fertilizer operation in South Africa commissioned – 1972
  • Expands liquid operation into UK and US- 1976
  • Lists on JSE – 1980
  • Extends operations into Africa -1992
  • Becomes Top 100 Company on the JSE for the first time – 1993
  • Omnia achieves a R1 billion market capitalisation in  its 50th year of existence – 2003
  • Acquires South Africa’s largest distributor and trader of chemicals, Protea Chemicals – 2003
  • Revenue at record high of R16.8 billion- 2015
  • Record sales volumes of speciality fertilisers into local and international markets for Agriculture –  2017

Our relationship with Omnia began in 2017 and we are just one of the multitude of farms that use their products. We appreciate the service offering and dedication that Omnia has extended to us by means of financial assistance, technical partnership, sponsorship and ongoing support thus far.

Thank you to team that facilitated the trip, we hope and look forward to many more similar sessions in the future.

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